Server Time

Official Countdown

  • Official Server: Online
  • Server Status

    • Official Server: Online
    • Beta Server: Ended
    • Test Server: Online
    • Castle Owned by: Ardent

    Events Time

    • Daily-Exp Event 18:00 to 19:00
    • Daily-Duel Tournament 19:30
    • Thursday-Guild vs Guild 20:00
    • Daily-Battle Field 22:00
    • Saturday-Protect Leader 16:00
    • Mautareta

    Welcome to Ardent Kalonline

    Dear Players.
    We hope you enjoy Ardent server, For any informations, Contact Admins through discord, If you want to support Ardent Server with vunlontary donations, Don't Hesitate to do so.
    Please note that Items offered for donation coins can be obtained by Normal player through HARD WORK.

    Some basic Features

    • Channel System: Don't bother yourself with ksers anymore, Just type /channel 1-2-3.
    • CJB Soul Destruction: CJB won't heal for ever lasting.
    • Training Center: Get some exp while u're on the go.
    • Picker and Healer pets are available.
    • Upgradable TOI's TOW's TOP's.
    • Upgradable Accessories.
    • Various Weapons and Suits skins.
    • Collect stones from boxes so you can upgrade your Accessories to be more powerful.
    • Black Symbols with lovely rewards.
    • Donators will recieve monthly nice random rewards.
    • Battle Horse.
    • Upgradable Buffs G1-G2-G3.
    • Upgradable Monster Pets.
    • New Skillbook Upgrades.
    • Enjoy Vote Rewards and GL.